Promotion Structure

FCCJ's system for the promotion of activities

Working groups and sub-working groups are organized by the experts in fuel cells and hydrogen infrastructures from member companies to embark on a wide variety of activities to realize the commercialization and diffusion of fuel cells.

General Meeting
The general meeting share the FCCJ's activities and facilitate communications among members.
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors determines the FCCJ's basic operational policy and the programs of the FCCJ, approves financial statements and deliberates on recommendations to the government.
Auditors examine the FCCJ's program implementation and the organization's financial standing.
The Secretariat is responsible for the FCCJ's organizational operation.
Planning and Operating Committee
The Planning and Operating Committee manages the FCCJ's activities based on policies determined by the Board of Directors.
FCV and hydrogen infrastructure WG
This group studies individual issues concerning the commercialization and diffusion of fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen infrastructures, suggests the necessary measures, scenarios etc., and promotes the cooperation and collaboration among private sector.
Stationary fuel cell WG
This group studies support systems for encouraging the dissemination of stationary fuel cells, the technical challenges for further cost reduction to accelerate the market expansion and variety of applications, and promotes the collaboration and cooperation among member companies.
Material, Component and Fundamental technology WG
This group studies long-term issues and challenges concerning materials/ components/ fundamental technologies for PEFCs, SOFCs and hydrogen.
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